Industry In Ghaziabad
Delhi Floor Mill Company,C-40 Meerut Road,GhaziabadAtta, Maida, Suji, Bran
Simbhawli Sugar Mill, Simbhawli, GhaziabadSugar and Molasess
Amrit Protiens Food Limited, Amrit Nagar, GT Road,GZBSoya Milk
Modi Sugar Works, Modi Nagar, GhaziabadSugar and Molasess
Bhawani Roller Floor Mill, I/A, GhaziabadAtta, Maida, Suji, Bran
Reliance Foods & Protiens Pvt.Ltd. C-231,Bulandshahr road, GhaziabadAtta, Maida, Suji, Bran
Maheshwari Floor Mill Pvt. Ltd. A-3 Bulandshahr road, GhaziabadAtta, Maida, Suji, Bran
M.K.R. Frozen Foods exports Pvt. Ltd. B-36, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadMeat Processing
Excellasia Foods Ltd., Plot No.-5, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadBiscuits
D.F.M. Foods Ltd. C-40, Meerut road ,I/A, GhaziabadExtruded Snacks
Ved Ram & Sons (Unit-2), B-56, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadButter, Fresh Skimmed Milk Powder
Frigrifico Allane Ltd. A-14/1,Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadAnimal Fats & Oil
Moon Braweraj Ltd. (Unit-2), Maza Division, A-32, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadSoft Drink
Coolage Pvt. Ltd., Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadSoft Drink
International Tobacco Company Ltd. Meerut Road, GhaziabadCigeratte
Mohan Mikins Ltd., Mohan Nagar, GhaziabadBeer,Corn Flakes,Juice
Hamdard (Waks) Lab., B-2, Meerut road, GhaziabadAyurvedic Medicines
Hindustan Coca-Cola Botteling North-West pvt. Ltd. Mussorrie-Gulaothi road, GhaziabadWater including Mineral Water
Alps Textiles Pvt. Ltd., A-2 Loni road, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabadverticle vention blend,plastic, fitting parts
Viniyoga Clothes Ltd. B-1, Udyog Kunj, Dasna, GhaziabadReadymade garment
Palmprint Textile (India) Ltd., 30 Loni road I/A, SahibabadCotton Mill Mode
DCM Shri Ram Industries Ltd., Hindon Nagar, Dasna, GhaziabadCotton and Synthetic Yarn
Hindon River Mills, hapur road, Dasna, GhaziabadCotton Clothes
Modi pon Ltd., Modi NagarNylon & filament Yarn
Control Textile Company Ltd., 34 KM Stone, Delhi-Hapur road,Zindal Nagar, GhaziabadProcessing of Cotton Yarn
Sathe Synthetic, D-27, Kavi Nagar, I/A, SahibabadMalty filament Yarn
Chamopul Tissue Ltd., A-4, Meerut road, GhaziabadCraft Paper
Sidhu Mal Paper Conversion Company Ltd., Loni road I/A, GhaziabadWax Coated Paper
Paper Coater Pvt. Ltd., Prakash Industries Estate GhaziabadPaper Coating
Pragati Paper Mill Pvt. Ltd., A-21/2, Site-IV, SahibabadWriting Paper, Duplex Paper
Hapurial Paper Mill, Site-IV, SahibabadCraft Paper
Ved Salulose Ltd., 34 KM Stone, Hapur road, LakhanCraft Paper
Magnum Paper Ltd., 18/29 to 18/31 & 18/41, Site-IV, SahibabadM.G. Paper
Modi Nagar Paper Mills Ltd., Modi Nagar, GhaziabadCraft Paper
E.C.E. Pvt. Ltd., Meerut road, GhaziabadLifts
Kailash Structural Pvt. Ltd., Bulandshahr road, GhaziabadPoly Proplene Sheet
Diwan Rubber Reclan Pvt. Ltd., Meerut road, GhaziabadRubber Reclaims
Pioneer Poly Febe Ltd., 12, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadWoven Sacks, pipes fitting
Agreni Polymers Ltd. , B-20, Bulandshahr road, GhaziabadHDPE/PP Woven Sacks, Fabric cutting
Primier Poly files Ltd., 40/1, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadPVC Films & Sheet
Pharpur 3-P ( A division of pharpur cooling tower) Ltd., 9, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadFlexible packaging,Gravier, Plasic Pouch
Ankit Polymer Pvt. Ltd., Delhi-Meerut road, GhaziabadSelf Adhasive Tape
Checko plast (India) Ltd., A-48/11-12-13, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadHDPE Containers with caps and Seal
Kailash Structurals, C-75, Bulandshahr road, GhaziabadCo-Extruded Multilayer Film
Pace Marketing Specialities Ltd., Site-IV, SahibabadPoly Vinayal Asitate Razins
Padmini Polymers Ltd. (Unit-2), 58/4, Site-IV, SahibabadPlastic Bootles & Jars, Caps, Containers
Twin Pack Industry Ltd., E-41, Sector-17, Kavi Nagar, GzbCo-Extruded Multilayer Films, Injuction Moulds
Modi Tyre Factory, Modi NagarTyre and Tubes
Malhotra Rubber Ltd., 7/36, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadInner tubes of rubber
New Tech Packging Ltd., C-76, Bulandshahr road, GZBLaminator, High Barrior Co-Extruded
Super King Manufacturers(Tyre) Pvt. Ltd., A-58, Site-IV, Sahibabad,GZBTyre and tube
United Decorative Pvt. Ltd., B-13, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GZBButton and West Product
Padmini Polymers Ltd., 46/5, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadAudio and Vedio Compact Disk (CDs)
Dabur (India) Ltd., 22, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadAyurvedic Medicines,Syrub & etc.
Albert David Ltd., B-12, Meerut road, I/A, GhaziabadGlucose water
Century Laminating Company, Acheja, Hapur road, GhaziabadPlywood, Sunmica
Simbhawli Industries Pvt. Ltd., Simbhawli, GhaziabadDistlery
Swadeshi Detergent Ltd., 37/3, Site-IV, Sahibbad, GhaziabadSoap & powder
Goyal Gases Pvt. Ltd., 8/7, Site-IV, Sahibbad, GhaziabadOxygen, Acitiline
Modi Paint & Varnish works, Modi Nagar, GhaziabadPaint & Varnish
Unichem lab., C-30-32, Meerut road, Sahibabad, GhaziabadAllopathic Madicine
Oriental carbon and Chemical Ltd., south of GT road, GhaziabadActivated carbon
HGF laminars, 45/2, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadWoven Sacks
Rathi Gases Ltd., A-4/2, south of GT road, GhaziabadIndustrial Gases
Goyal Gases Ltd., A-4/2, south of GT road, GhaziabadIndustrial Gases
Biomade Pvt. Ltd., C-96,Bulandshahr road, GhaziabadVI Based Vaccine
Easter(India) Chemical Ltd., C-40/41, Site-IV, SahibabadChemicals
Ghaziabad Organics Ltd., Near Morta, Meerut road, GhaziabadButyal Acetate
Dabur (India) Ltd.,(Unit No-2), 5/1 & 5/13, Site-IV, SahibabadHair Oil
Global Spin Wave Ltd., 3565 GT road,GhaziabadParacetamol
U.P. Ceremic & Potteries Pvt. Ltd., GT road GhaziabadBone China Pottery Wares
Mohan Crystel Glass Works, Mohan Nagar, GhaziabadGlass Bottle & Glass
Universal Glass, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadGlass Bottle
Dwarika Nath Steel Strips Ltd., C-38, Meerut road, GhaziabadSteel Strips
Rama Steel Tubes Ltd., Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadG.I. Steel tubes & Pipes
Span Tubes Pvt. Ltd., Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadSteel Tubes & Pipes
Bharat Udyog, Meerut road, GhaziabadWire Drawing
Jai Prakash Enterprises, 3/1, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadBuilding Material Equipment
Spring India Ltd., Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadSpring Leaf
Advance Steel Tubes Pvt. Ltd., Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadSteel Tubes
Pasondia Steel & Strips Ltd., 28 KM Stone, Delhi-Meerut road, GhaziabadC.R. Strips & Sheet
Bhusan Steel & Strips Ltd., 23, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadC.R. Strips & Sheet
Sri Nath Ji Ispat Ltd., A-5, south of GT road, GhaziabadM.S.Ingate
Modern Steel Industries, B-4, Site-3, Meerut road, GhaziabadH.R.Steel Strips,Wire & Waste Products
Ranjeev Alloys Ltd., 25 KM Stone, Morta, Meerut road, GhaziabadM.S. Ingate
Modi Nagar Rolls Ltd., Modi Nagar, GhaziabadAll Kinds of Industrial rolls
Paragon Extrusion Pvt. Ltd., A-41, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadExtrusion & Billets
Neeru Steel Tubes, B-64, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadM.S.Tubes & Pipes
Rathi Ispat Ltd., A-2, south site of GT road, GhaziabadSteel Capers, Ingats
Amrit Steel Ltd., Amrit Nagar, GhaziabadInguts
Ambika Steel Ltd., 51/52, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadSteel Brass
Rathi Alloys & Steel Ltd., A-1, South site of GT road, GZBSteel Wire , Ingots
Rathi Udyog Ltd., Ispat Nagar, South of GT road, GhaziaabdSteel Wire, Ingots
Guru Nanak Machine Pvt. Ltd., Patel Marg, GhaziabadOil Expeller
Guru Nanak Engineering Company, Patel Nagar, GZBOil Expeller, Diesel Engine
Ashok Metel Decore Pvt. Ltd.(C.S. Division), 145, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabadcrown Cork,Ice West & Scrap
Uttam Industrial Pvt. Ltd., A-8, Meerut road, GhaziabadSugar Mill Machinery Parts
Shri Ram Piston & Ring Ltd., Meerut road, GhaziabadAutomobile Piston & Rings
Fair Bank Morse India Ltd., A-28, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadIndustrial Pumps
Usha Telehost Ltd., Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadHydrolic Lift
Flomore Pvt. Ltd., GT road, Mohan Nagar, GhaziabadPumps
Mahaveer Engineering Works, B-56, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadTin Container
High Tech. Engg., 42/42, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadOther Machinery Parts
Shri Ram Piston Engg., Meerut road, GhaziabadEngineering Parts
Stoge Gear Pvt. Ltd., E-5, Kavi Nagar, GhaziabadGear & Boxex for Sugar Mill Machinery
Progassive Tools & Components Pvt. Ltd.(Unit-2), C-222, Bulandshahr road, GZBJigs & Fixtures
Sage Metals Ltd., B-8, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadMoter Vehicle Parts & Machinery Parts
Micro Matic Grinding Technology Ltd., C-40/1,C-27, Meerut road, GhaziabadMachine Tools for Working Metals
Uptron Devices Ltd., S-44/2, Site-IV, Saibabad, GhaziabadElectronic Components
Tele Tube Electronics Ltd., D-135, Kavi Nagar, GhaziabadTelevision components
Electric Construction Equipment Ltd., Meerut road, GhaziabadLift
Indian Aluminium Cable Company, & Mile Stone, GT road, GhaziabadCable
Bharat Electronics Ltd., Bharat Nagar, GhaziabadMilitary Equipment
Shri Toon India Ltd., Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadTransistor & resistance
Ramatronic India Ltd., 32, Anand I/E, GhaziabadSpeaker & Resistance
A.V. Control India Ltd., C-11, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadElectronic Control Panel
Indof India Ltd., 20/21, Meerut road, GhaziabadRefrigration Parts
System Control and Transformer, C-15, Meerut road, GhaziabadTransformer
Samtel Electron Devices Ltd., C-3, Meerut road, GhaziabadElectron Gun for colour picture tube
S.A.V. Electronics & Devices, 64/2, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GZBElectronic Resistance
Central Electron Ltd., Site-IV, Sahibbad, GhaziabadSolar Engineering Parts
Pharpur Cooling Tower, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadCooling Towers
Alen Electronic Ltd., C-143, Site-I, Bulandshahr road, GZBD.C. Micro Motor Tape, Deck macknesu
Specilities, GhaziabadRe-conditioning of colour picture tube
M.G. Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Loni road, GhaziabadFlass Fibre Tissues
Signal Telecom India Pvt. Ltd., 18/46, Site-IV, Sahibabad,GZBStandard Wire Cable, Platted Bands
Binatone Electronic Pvt. Ltd., B-58, Site-IV, Sahibabad,GZBTape Recorder
B.P.L. Display Device Ltd., A-41,42, Site-IV, SahibabadT.V. Picture Tubes
United Wheel Pvt. Ltd., 23 Loni road, Sahibabad, GhaziabadGear Wheel
Allied Motors Pvt. Ltd., A-2, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadAutomobile Parts
Amar Valves Pvt. Ltd. 180, GT road, Sahibabad, GhaziabadValves
Fine Mobiles Parts Ind. Pvt. Ltd., 31 Loni road, GhaziabadAuto Parts
Road Master Ind. Pvt. Ltd., A-2, Meerut road, GhaziabadCycles Rim
Til India, 11, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadGenerators
Punjab Vobil Gears Ltd., 13/44, Site-IV, Sahibabad,GhaziabadAuto Gears
Modern Industries, GT road, Sahibabad, GhaziabadRailway Bags
Hero Bycycle Pvt. Ltd., Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadBicycle, Bicycle parts
Atlas Bycle Industries, 55, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadBicycle, Bicycle Parts
Swift Bicycle Pvt. Ltd., 23 Loni road, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabadbicycle, Bicycle Parts
Vadco Slagels Automotives Pvt. Ltd., 244-A, Site-IV, Sahibabad, GhaziabadAutopart Vehicle
Raniz Telbros Pvt. Ltd., 19 Loni road, GhaziabadBooscates
Modi Arc Electrodes, Modi Nagar, GhaziabadElectrodes
Jaina Times Industries, GT road, Sahibabad, GhaziabadClock
Rajdhani Leasing & Ind. , A-48/44, Site-IV, Sahibabad
Mahansites & Minerals Ltd., Site-IV, Sahibabad,GhaziabadRamingases