About Us

V-Belt market is a huge market all over the world. V-Belt application in Industry, Agriculture, and Auto Sector Makes it widely used commodity. V-Belt is sold everywhere in India also. Companies manufacturing V-belt distribute and market it through their distributor - dealer network, wholeseller, and retailer network. And Companies also cater demand of big conusmer through institutional sale. And many companies also sell thorugh its branch offices and warehouse at different cities. Like all other comodities V-Belt is also available in various qualities. For each type and size of the belt price variation is very high. And this variation can be wider than 500% Thanks to the nature of application and requirement of power, heat and other working factors V-belt with all qualities get acceptance in the market. In fact V-belt market is largely dominated by cheap belts and more then 80% of V-belt market is flooded with these belt. Cheap belt is sold every where and its manufacture are also everywhere. With very small units V-belt manufacturing can be done. However there is also a huge demand for brand belts. Brands which have with the potency of quality, marketing, service and supply have created huge goodwill. For critical application one cannot depand on cheap belts. You need a quality v-belt. In India we have brand name Like Fenner, Pix, Hilton, Gimpex Supreme, Master, Alaska, Endura, Escon, Nirlon, Hindon Premium, etc. have created a market of their own. This is an attempt to bring the entire V-belt industry under one umbralla. This effort is from the people who are keenly observing the ups and downs of this market for more than 30 years. We are team of young and dynamic people who are guided by the experienced. We want to share our knowledge of this market to the people of this market as we know that our effort will definitely help everyone earning bread and butter from the vast ocean of V-belt Industry. With our experience we know that because of lack of knowledge of right supplier and right buyer. Both the supplier and consurmer are facing problems. There are market in which due to the lack of proper knowledge consumer are buying cheap belt at the rate of the top quality v-belt. This is really a bad situation for both the buyer and supplier. We want to focus on this. Our effort will be to fill this gap. We are doing extensive study and we want to share the findings with the seller and with the buyers. We are available now for all the suppliers who is willing to enter into a new territory. We can give them contact of the best of people available in the business over there. We can also give the details of the most competitive rates to the potential buyer. With our market knowledge and technical knowledge and experience we want to help the people in this Industry. V-belt Industry in many ways not a very organised one. Other than top few manufacturer and distributor it is very difficult to get the after sale services. Technical help regarding drvie design is rarely provided. We want to fill this gap also. You can contact us anytime for any such information.