Cogged Raw Edge Variable speed belts have been developed specifically for stepless variator drives.these belts are used in the general engineering and harvesting machineries and other lawn and garden machines.The belts are made of polychloroprene compounds incorporating short fibers laid across the section to give strength and support. The low strecth tension cord layer also added on the construction. The special fabric give the belt excellent resistance while allowing it to bend around small sheaves.

BELT DIMENSIONS( RMA/MPTA IP-25) ie:1422 V 450 14=top width in 16ths of an inch 14/16 " as 0,875 " 22=grove angle V=Variable speed 450=pitch length 10ths of an inch as 97 "

BELT DIMENSIONS( RMA/MPTA IP-25) ie:22 V 1150 A22 22=22 mm top width 22=grove angle V=Variable speed 1150=1150 mm pitch length