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Can I use a "5L" in place of a "B" section belt?
No, you should not use 5L and B belts interchangeably. Both the 5L and B belt have an approximate 5/8 top width. The 5L belt horsepower capacity is substantially less than a B section. The design life of 5L belt is 10,000 hours verses 25,000 hours for the B belt.
Do you have length tolerances on belts and also matching tolerances?
Browning belts are equal to or better than the standards specified by the RMA. For exact tolerances contact EPT Application Engineering.
What is the maximum temperature that a V-belt can operate?
A good rule of thumb is that for every 35-degree increase above 85 degrees you reduce your belt life by one-half. For best conditions a belt should operate between -35 to +140.
What is the average life of a V-belt drive?
Properly designed and maintained a Classical (A, B, C) V-belt drive will provide a design life up to 25,000 hours. The 358 (3V, 5V, 8V) belts will also provide a design life up to 25,000 hours. The FHP (3L, 4L, and 5L) belts will only provide a design life up to 10,000 hours.
What is the recommended shelf life?
RMA Bulletin IP-3-4 R states the quality of a belt will not change significantly within eight years of proper storage. Proper storage would be temperatures less than 85 Degrees and relative humidity below 70%. Also there must be no exposure to direct sunlight.
Can I use belt dressing on your belts?
No, we do not recommend using belt dressing. Under tensioning is the primary cause of belt squeal. This belt must be re-tensioned or in some cases replaced. If you use belt dressing although you have prevented the squeal the belt will continues to slip. This will cause heat and failure is not far behind.
When should the maximum and minimum tension values be used?
You should only use the maximum tension value when installing new V-belts. Installing the drive and turn it on for a brief run-in period. After 15 minuets stop the drive and re-check the tension. Re-start the drive if it has retained the minimum belt tension. Re-tension the drive to the minimum tension if you are below this value.